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Creating a love of learning within a safe, caring, respectful, sustainable environment where individual excellence and diversity is valued.

Principal’s Message:

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Whānau and Friends of our School

Our Goldfields School swimming sports will be held this Friday at the Cromwell Swim Centre pool, 11am-12:30pm. These sports are limited to year 3 – 6 children who can confidently swim one length of the Cromwell Swim Centre. Children have told teachers if they want to enter. Parents can view the entries on line (the link is on our website and our Facebook page). If you would like your child to enter any events they are not already entered in, or you do not think your child is confident enough to swim in the events they have entered.  Please let your child’s teacher know.  Times will be used to calculate the placings for this event and to select children for the Central Otago Primary Schools Swimming Sports, which are held on Thursday 9 March in Cromwell. We encourage parents to come along to support the children and to help with timekeeping.

Last Thursday there was a major behaviour incident in our playground involving boys, fighting and swearing. All three boys involved, who have caused harm to others in this incident have had serious consequences, including stand-downs from school. I have assured all children that the adults at our school are here to keep them safe, and urged them to seek out any adult if they have any concerns at all. Please reinforce this at home. We are seeking support from the Ministry’s Special Education Services for the boys involved in the incidents last Thursday to help them develop strategies to enable them to cope in appropriate ways with peer conflicts. This support will include funding for supervision during morning play and lunchtime, out of the playground. Two of these children will have a separate activity break from the rest of the school,  until we can be assured that other children will not be put in a situation where they feel unsafe. I have spoken to the whole school about the action we have taken, and our staff are looking out for children who may feel anxious. It is sad and stressful to all that we have had to deal with such a serious incident, but we are assured that we have appropriate processes in place to handle crisis situations should they occur. The attitude and behaviour of 98.8% of our children has been exemplary, modelling the values we expect.

Thanks for the support for our EOTC cake stall fundraiser last Friday, which raised $451 – what an amazing array of baking! We will advise of future fundraisers via the newsletter.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless” – Mother Teresa.

Ka pai to wiki – Have a good week. Nga mihi nui, Sharon.



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trophy-winners-20162016 Trophy Winners: Individual Excellence – Kaia; Contributions to the Life of the School – Natalia; Anderson Family Trophy for stepping up as a year 6 – Sam and Mac (Joint winners); Dalzell Family Trophy for positivity, courage and kindness – Isabella; Whanau Trophy, Kiwi – Leaders, Casey and Natalia.