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Goal Setting conferences: http://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz  code: kkb7f

Principal’s Message:

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Whānau and Friends of our School

Over the past week I have reflected on the value of home/school partnerships, and the difference for children when parents and teachers share common expectations and collaboratively work on the goals children are striving to achieve. Our goal setting conferences, scheduled for the 4th , 5th, 6th April, are an ideal time for children, parents and teachers to talk about the next steps for each child and to collaboratively set achievable goals in literacy, maths, self management etc. We ask that all parents book a time to meet with teachers to set the goals for term 2. This is time to celebrate what children are doing well, and to identify the next steps for each child. Please book your conference time as soon as possible. www.schoolinterviews.com  kkb7f

Children’s books will be sent home on Friday 31 March.  Parents  of  children with their own Google Drive account, will also have access to files developed . Children spend 6 hours at school, 30 hours per week, for 40 weeks of the year.  6.25 hours of this time, is interval and lunchtime, leaving 23.75  hours in class.  Of this approx 10 hours per week would be working on literacy related tasks and 5 hours on Maths. It is important that children continue their learning at home, reading daily, learning spelling and working on Maths knowledge activities to reinforce their learning at school. There are 8760 hours in year. If children spent 12 hours per day sleeping, they have 4380 hours awake. Of these 1200 hours (9am-3pm) are spent at school, (27%) of their time. This focus during this time is in developing literacy and numeracy skills, cross-curricular skills, and key competencies. I believe it is parents that have the biggest influence over attitude to learning, and social development and the experiences they give their children.  It is really important that parents and teachers work together to help children reach their highest potential.

If parents are involved in their children’s education, the children are more successful at school… Parent involvement is a strong indicator of academic achievement. (Meyer & Mann, 2006)

Ka pai to wiki – Have a good week. Nga mihi nui, Sharon.

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trophy-winners-20162016 Trophy Winners: Individual Excellence – Kaia; Contributions to the Life of the School – Natalia; Anderson Family Trophy for stepping up as a year 6 – Sam and Mac (Joint winners); Dalzell Family Trophy for positivity, courage and kindness – Isabella; Whanau Trophy, Kiwi – Leaders, Casey and Natalia.