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Principal’s Message:

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Whānau and Friends of our School

The ongoing problems we have had with heating and power outages should be resolved when our new boiler is operational. Unfortunately the additional loading on our wiring caused significant problems for our mains supply on Monday, which could have caused an electrical fire if the power was not turned off so that urgent repairs could be made. We apologise to parents for the inconvenience that this caused, with our school closure on Tuesday, but after seeking advice from an electrical inspector and the Ministry of Education, we had no option but to close the school so that repairs could be made. The decision was not made until all options had been explored. Parents were informed as soon as possible. Yesterday, the mains switch was replaced, which is a temporary solution while a full inspection of the power supply is undertaken. The actions taken by the school have prevented a major incident, which would have likely resulted in an electrical fire. Schools are only closed if there is a significant risk to children or staff. We appreciate the support we have received from parents over the matter, and your patience. Although the Ministry approved a boiler replacement  a year ago, the processes that needed to be followed to investigate the best option, secure the funding, and request tenders have resulted in the project not commencing until February this year. Although the cost of our boiler replacement ($441,571 excl GST) is being funded by the Ministry,  we are contributing from funds from our long term maintenance allocation.

 With our ice skating programme starting tomorrow, I would like to remind parents of the procedures for notifying postponements. Parents will be emailed, information posted on the website and on our school’s Facebook page and a postponement placed on MORE FM. The school closure notification on Monday, demonstrates the effectiveness of social media to pass on messages, especially when news is shared with contacts.  Only two children came to school yesterday. We appreciate your support with this. Thanks to the parents who have offered to help during ice skating. Please make sure children have warm clothing, helmets, lunch, snacks and a drink when they go ice skating. Thanks also to the FOTS team for providing free hot milo for the children.

Ka pai to wiki – Have a good week. Nga mihi nui, Sharon.

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trophy-winners-20162016 Trophy Winners: Individual Excellence – Kaia; Contributions to the Life of the School – Natalia; Anderson Family Trophy for stepping up as a year 6 – Sam and Mac (Joint winners); Dalzell Family Trophy for positivity, courage and kindness – Isabella; Whanau Trophy, Kiwi – Leaders, Casey and Natalia.