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This week’s message from the Principal:

A huge thank you to parents, children and teachers for their time over the last two afternoons and evenings to reflect on  learning over lock down and to plan for next steps. We really appreciate the input of parents and we know children love sharing their successes. The goals will be written up and sent home as a mid-year report by the end of this term.

Easing of public health restrictions has seen a return to playground sports equipment, sports and activities during our break times. Morning tea and lunch times are back to being with all students out together and this is taking a wee bit of adjustment after only being with such small groups for so long. We are seeing some rough play creeping in and some moments of frustration and competition over spaces and equipment. We are working to support students to manage conflicts and to seek adult help.

We are starting to look forward to Term 3 when there is likely to be more external activities and visitors and some return to Dunstan Zone and Central Otago sports events. We will update calendars as soon as things are confirmed.

I have taken time for reflection about our journey from pre-lockdown to now with our school response to COVID-19. The Education Review Office are working on a publication about school responses with schools who are due a review this year. I had the opportunity to share our story with the review team yesterday. It was a good opportunity to think about how well our teaching team responded and how amazing our community has been in adapting to new situations. So a huge thank you to all of you for how you have supported our school over lockdown and now that we are back at school.

Kind regards

Anna Harrison
Goldfields Primary School
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