After School Care

An After School Care programme operates in Room 9, from, Monday to Friday. This year, Dedri Boyes, who has a lot of experience in managing and facilitating programmes of this nature, and Cole Boyes will be organising the programme. (Dedri is also a teacher assistant/librarian at Goldfields and knows the children well.)

The After School Care programme is not a continuation of a formal school day. It provides a supervised play environment for children, as they would have in the home, and has been developed to cater for children who need supervision after school due to parents work or other commitments.

The programme is structured to cater for the varying needs  and ages of the group. A family atmosphere is promoted and high standards of behavior are expected.

The afternoon session commences with afternoon tea (children bring their own snacks and water bottle). This is followed by 20 minutes of  ‘quiet-time’ where children are supported to complete homework, read, or work on educational activities.

Children then select from a variety of activities – based in Room 9 or in the playground. These include a variety of art, craft, games and construction  activities.

The cost of programme: Before School Care – $3 per morning $8 per day per child $10 per day per child

Payment for this service will be invoiced and can be paid online to account                       02 0920 0058723 25 or through the school office.

Older siblings (to 14 years) may also be accommodated in the programme.

Bookings must be made in advance.  We recommend confirming bookings by Monday each week: email or call or text the team on 027 2123161 (please note this is a new contact number for ASC)