This week’s message from the Principal:

Kia ora Parents, Caregivers, Whānau and friends of the school,

This week hasn’t quite been as we had planned it with our Y1-3 students out and about on EOTC activities. Due to Level 2 restrictions we needed to have confirmation that the venues being visited had protocols in place and we just weren’t able to do that in time for activities this week.

Your child’s teacher will let you know what is happening with postponement. Some of our venues have indicated that they will not be able to take groups of visitors at Level 2 and others have shared their protocols and are happy for children to visit. This means that we have to come up with a plan that will work if we remain at Level 2 for a longer period. Apologies for the uncertainty we will rebook as soon as we are able to.

Camp Columba have confirmed their Level 2 protocols and our Year 6 students will be able to go to camp as planned next week even if we remain at Level 2. 

Gary Milford from NZ Police visited on Tuesday morning to look at traffic flow. He was concerned about people parking on the Bus Stop and loading zone for drop off and pick up. He has indicated that Police will be monitoring parking before and after school regularly. We encourage parents to use the pick up/drop off zone in the car park rather than park on the bus stop and loading zone. Ray is there to meet the children and to monitor the zone in the afternoon.

Anna Harrison

Principal, Goldfields School

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