School logoThe Goldfields School Pillars of Learning describe the key elements of our school curriculum design, which comply with the New Zealand Curriculum Statement.

Our vision statement describes what we want for our young people, and has been developed in consultation with our community.

Creating a love of learning within a safe, caring, respectful, sustainable environment where individual excellence and diversity is valued

The life-long learning statement describes the qualities of a learner at Goldfields School

A life-long learner at Goldfields School enthusiastically inquires, perseveres, takes risks, makes connections, self manages, communicates and sets goals

Our Pillars of Learning are interdependent

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.35.25 PMPillars of Learning

New Zealand Curriculum Essential Learning Areas: English; The arts; Health and physical education; Mathematics and statistics; Science; Social sciences, Technology; Digital technologies; Learning languages

PB4L/CARE Positive behaviour for learning – CARE values: Care for others and our place; Attitude for learning; Respect; Excellence

NPDL/Inquiry New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Four Quadrants: New pedagogies; Learning partnerships; Leveraging digital; Learning environment

Goldfields School vision and description of a learner are integral across the three pillars along with…

Te Reo and Tikanga Māori

Key Competencies Thinking; Using Language symbols, and texts; Managing self; Relating to others; Participating and Contributing

Global Competencies Collaboration; Critical thinking; Creativity; Citizenship; Communication; Character

The Goldfields School Pillars of Learning support our vision, and equip our children with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for a challenging future. They develop values that enable them to build healthy, positive relationships with others, solve problems, think flexibly, set and achieve goals, and work independently and cooperatively.