Creating a love of learning within a safe, caring, respectful, sustainable environment where individual excellence and diversity is valued.

The Goldfields Pillars of Learning describe the key elements of our school curriculum design.

  1. Our six Pillars of Learning are interdependent: Learning Areas  (7 Areas from the NZ Curriculum and Tikanga Maori); Key Competencies; Learning Focuses: Multiple Intelligences and Blooms Taxonomy; Connectiveness; Building Positive Relationships; Values
  2. Annual curriculum reviews provide data on curriculum design and implementation and on the priorities which guide the visioning review process
  3. Children, staff and the wider community are familiar with our school vision. The vision statement is  displayed around the school, and is evident in core school documentation.
  4. Our children are aware of the connections between our vision, the qualities for developing life long learners, and the Pillars of Learning, which underpin our school curriculum.
  5. Goldfields School is a community of life-long learners, who enthusiastically inquire persist, take risks, make connections, self – manage, reflect, communicate, and set goals.

The Goldfields School Pillars of Learning support our vision, and equip our children with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for a challenging future. They develop values that enable them to build healthy, positive relationships with others, solve problems, think flexibly, set and achieve goals, and work independently and cooperatively.

(View the Pillars of Learning flow chart by clicking on the links above)

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