Goldfields is an enviro-school and we encourage wrapper free lunches i.e. no plastic wrappers on food.  There are lots of great options like using beeswax wraps, bento-style boxes and reusable containers to keep food fresh until lunchtime.  Children are encouraged to take left over food and any rubbish home with them.

Many foods that come pre-packaged and marketed as school lunch options like chips, muesli bars, chewy fruity things and Le-Snacks are really high in sugar, fat and salt. They are convenient and easy but expensive and lacking in the nutrients that will get your child through a day at school. We encourage parents to consider healthy lunch options when packing up lunchboxes for school. Click the link to The NZ Nutrition foundation for healthy lunchbox tips.

All children need to have a water bottle at school.  There are drinking fountains but they currently offline due to COVID and are also are sometimes frozen.  Water only in drink bottles please.


FOTS organise Night n Day and Subway lunches each week.

Children are able to order from Subway or Night n Day for Chicken Nuggets & Chips or Mini Hotdogs & Chips for lunch on Fridays.  Night n Day order forms must be in to the office by on Friday, please place the order and $6.00 in the correct change in a wee bag or envelope so that the order and money stay together.

To order Subway please click the link below 

Subway Order Link

Order forms are available in the office or you can print from the links below

Night n Day lunch order form

We also have sausage sizzles, pies , saveloys and ice blocks for sale at various times through out the year, these are fundraisers and profits for them go towards school activities.  The day of the week that these are for sale for these can vary from term to term so please check the newsletter. 

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